God’s Favor has poured upon Nicole Lee – Author, Entrepreneur, Visionary, Podcast Host and Founder of The Warrior Moms® Movement. As the 2016 Haile’s Foundation Grantee thru the People’s Liberty organization, The Warrior Moms® Project was birthed as a solution to a civic challenge that will envision a supportive network of Entrepreneurial Single Mothers!


“Nicole has been graced with the gift to beautify the crowns of God’s children, filling them with the spirit of love, self-esteem and confidence He wants us to have. Nicole has a gift and she activates it, which certainly gives compliment to the Creator”. ~Sharla C.

What else do I do with this gift? That moment came in 2016 when I applied to the Haile Foundation grant through its People’s Liberty program. It’s my 1st interview, People’s Liberty staff are advising me on my 3 ideas. During conversation as I share with them my background, one says while holding their head, “I don’t know how you single mothers do what you do?!”
Then the puzzle began to piece together with the help of People’s Liberty brilliant, genuine and very supportive advisors:
”Create a project where my craft and gift combines with what I’m passionate about- Beauty and Motherhood.”

Warrior Moms® was birthed to do just that!

Cincinnati has one of the highest per capita rates of poverty and rank one of the highest rate of infant mortality. 85% of families with children in poverty in Cincinnati were headed by single females as of 2015. Avondale, North College Hill and Price Hill are 3 of the many communities within Cincinnati that are affected by this hardship. Single Mothers are among the most who live in this hardship.

The Warrior Moms® Project is founded on the premise that single mothers are unrecognized warriors that deserve to be celebrated for their strength. One single mother from each community of Avondale, North College Hill and Price Hill, has been crowned as “The ICON of Beauty, Power and Strength” of their community!

Warrior Moms Vision: All Single Mothers embrace a mind-set for success. Warrior Moms Mission: To enable Single Mothers the ability to eradicate the emotional paralysis from living in poverty.






·         Emerald Sparks – Emerald Sparks is a Financial Strategist and Founder of Emerald Sparks Ltd, a personal finance consulting company where she teaches and motivates professionals and business owners to solve the misconceptions about money. She has curated personalized financial strategies based on individual’s goals, obstacles, and habits. In 2016, she authored a short-read eBook entitled Vision. Future. Reality: How to Budget like a Boss to help educate and illustrate the importance of vision budgeting. 

·      Adrianne Jackson Founder of  Anointed Hands Relaxation and TransformedU.  

·         Candace Williams – is a community partner/connector, fashionista, nail fanatic, lover of beauty and art, workshop co-facilitator and volunteer at Dress for Success. She loves meeting new people, connecting and collaborating on projects. 

·         Jori Cotton – is a community partner/connector, spoken word poet, teaching artist and workshop facilitator. She has been working in the community since she was teenager. She enjoys working with the youth helping them find their voice through spoken word poetry.



·         ReNee J. Mason – Owner of Salon Re Wellness and Spa, a full-service salon that offers beauty needs from healthy hair, skin, nails, medical pedicures, body/facial waxing and reflexology massage.  

·         LaMonica Hambrick – Master Make-Up Artist.  

·         Jasmine Mason – Co-owner of Salon Re Wellness and Spa, specializing in natural hair and full body waxing.  

·         Cassie Jamison – CEO of Sharing Salon Secrets and Publisher of Creative Salon Management.  


WARRIOR MOMS® DESIGN TEAM (left to right):

·         Cynthia Ford – Owner of Wild4Dayz custom jewelry designs.

·         Da’Mon Butler –  Owner of NOMAD clothing and jewelry designs.